About Us


Urban Junket was formed in an effort to fill the unmet needs of busy women who love fashion and style, but still need to carry and organize their stuff in a functional way. These women exist all over the country. They are working mothers, busy students, young urban professionals, semi-retired baby boomers or busy suburbanites with demanding schedules. They have busy work lives, busy family obligations, a desire for personal expression and growth, they may travel often, they may take their own physical and financial health seriously, they might have 4 kids, or two dogs and a cat, or just a house plant that they can’t always remember to water. They might be 24 or they might be 65, but what they all have in common is their love for boutique store fashion and their desire to carry a lot of stuff with them and keep it organized at all times.


Urban Junket is a Minneapolis-based handbag design and distribution company. Founded in 2008 by Tracy Dyer, a former Best Buy marketing executive and road warrior who believes passionately that fashion and function shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for each other.  We aim to fill the unmet needs of busy women who love fashion and style, but still need to carry and organize their stuff in a functional way. 

The Urban Junket collections include Power Trips Rechargeable Bags, Utility Bags, Handcrafted Handbags, and Accessories.


Our goal at Urban Junket is to combine inspired and unique styling with everyday functionality. We know it can be done and we don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice one for the other.

Our definition of unique styling combines quality materials, sourced from all over the world, and combined to create hip, eclectic accessories that help you to create portable expressions of your inspired style.

We define everyday functional as the combination of durable materials and efficient usable spaces that help to keep you organized while protecting your treasures during the daily journeys that define your life.


While working on the launch of the “Geek Squad” brand for Best Buy, I would often lead focus groups where I would regularly hear from women... "why are there no decent or stylish laptop bags for me? Why are there only those ugly, black bags on the market!?” I took this insight to a few different vendors, but no one seemed to listen. I decided to venture out on my own and design laptop bags - just for women.

My father and his teachings played a big part in deciding to leave the corporate world and start Urban Junket.  While sitting in the audience watching my father - Dr. Wayne Dyer speak to a few thousand people, he looked right at me and said, “Tracy, don’t die with your music still inside you!”  I knew at that moment that I could no longer play the game by somebody else’s rules - it was time to create my own game.  Three months later Urban Junket was born.

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