Battery Information



  • Auto-senses demand, no buttons to push
  • High speed charging of phones and electronics
  • Pass-through power to charge both the battery & a device from a single wall outlet cord
  • self timer drains the battery after 60 days of no use to ensure the battery will always be capable of a full charge


  • Provides days or weeks of partial charges or up to two full recharges on most standard cell phones, MP3 players and cameras
  • High speed charging capable
  • Pass-through power
  • LED lights indicate battery status


  • AC wall outlets
  • Vehicle USB ports
  • Computer USB ports
  • LED lights indicate battery status


  • Lithium Polymer with 60 day "no-use" sensor that auto-drains the battery to allow for maximum recharging capability


  • Base unit 4.5" x 2.8" x 6" (11.5cm x 7.1cm x 1.5cm)
  • Satellite 2.2" x 1.2" x .7" (5.7cm x 3.1cm x 1.8cm)


  • 5.5 oz (127 grams)


  • Virtually any device that can be charged via USB: Cell & Smart Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, iPads & Other Tablet Computers, iPods & MP3 Players, Digital & Video Cameras, Kindles & Electronic Readers, Travel Printers & Scanners, Headlamps & Other Lights, Two Way Radios, GPS Units

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