Phone out of juice? Oh, the places (and lengths) you'll go!

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If you haven't seen the funny Buzzfeed article that shares what extremes people have gone to in order to charge their phones, you must check it out. (Personal fave: "I once loitered at an Apple Store for an hour pretending to be interested in a laptop while I was really just charging my phone.")

We all know that feeling... the initial angst followed by a shot of adrenaline to find the nearest outlet.  While we have to admit that it's been a while since we've been there (our Power Trips rechargeable bag has been life-changing), we still empathize with the legions of folks who must bear the burden of battery loss.

In fact, we run into these people everywhere - the airport, the mall, the bathroom (face it - if you haven't gone to that extreme yet, you would if you had to). Here are just a couple recent photos of people we've encountered along our fully-charged way...

All of this has us really curious...

Where's the oddest place you've had to charge your phone?

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And if you're ready to stay out of the red zone while on-the-go, check out our Power Trips rechargeable bags. And learn more about the portable battery inside. 

Wishing you fully-charged travels,


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