Holy Smokes: lucky laptop protected by UJ bag

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When we set out to create quality laptop bags that truly protect your devices, we knew they needed to withstand the rigors of travel and the wear of everyday life.  But recently, we were surprised to receive a testimonial from customer about how her Urban Junket bag protected her laptop from complete destruction when a house-fire broke out. Gratefully, no one was injured in the incident. 

Below is a portion of her letter and pictures of her bag after the fire. It’s pretty crazy. (In case you are curious, it’s the J.B. Powered Laptop Bag.)

Hi there,

I'm writing and including pictures to show you how my Urban Junket bag protected my laptop in a house fire I had a few weeks ago.  I had my computer in its bag by my front door when I walked my kids to school.  The fire started while we were gone (electrical in the garage) and spread to the house.  Jackets that were hanging above the laptop bag totally melted, and everything was heat-damaged in that area, even cracking my windows.  Half the house burned.

When the fire was finally put out, I asked a fireman to go inside and try to find my purse and laptop bag. When he brought it out I was afraid it was melted.  But I carefully unzipped the bag, and saw my laptop was intact, with just a little damage to one corner and a smell of smoke for sure.

But the computer started right up!  I am sure the bag helped protect it.

I plan to get the same bag again for sure.

Best Regards,


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