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Several weeks ago, my husband and I attended a "Pink Out" fund-raising event to cap off our daughter's awesome badminton season at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois. After getting our butts thoroughly kicked in a challenge grudge match against Carly and her partner, another mom approached me and introduced herself.

Sharon's daughter, Rachel, and my daughter have been teammates and friends for some time but we hadn't yet met, and the subject of summer badminton camp was being discussed between the girls. We exchanged contact info and I asked her to simply email me at should be easy to remember, right?

Sharon's face changed immediately with surprise and she asked, "did you say Urban Junket? I just bought this blue Ellen Zipper Wallet from your website in support of Project Onward! Do you work for Urban Junket? I love these bags - I bought two! How weird is that?!" She explained that her oldest son is on the spectrum so she and the family are connected with a few different autism organizations around Chicago. Makes sense she would learn about our Blue Bag campaign through those various channels but the power of social media never ceases to amaze me.

All said and done, we probably sold close to 20 blue bags from our website in support of this campaign with Project Onward (plus many more at the really fun Blue Bag Luncheon finale held at Project Onward on April 27th). Not necessarily a huge amount of bags but this partnership was just as much about spreading the word about Project Onward and showcasing the incredible works created by their field of talented artists. In our case, Jackie Cousins hit the nail on the head when she drew women of all colors, shapes and ages carrying our beautiful bags. All of us at UJ were simply blown away by her work, and it affected Sharon as well when she visited our site.

Even though this centered mostly around Chicago, what a small world to actually find one of our Blue Bag supporters out there...a total stranger who turned out not to be a stranger at all but a caring mom and friend who's hosted my daughter in her home and has probably fed her more than one meal! A week or so later, Sharon and I ran into each other again outside our daughters' high school for the Spring Sports Banquet. This time, she was proudly carrying her convertible tote in indigo and I convinced her to snap a photo. How cute is this photo...and the bag she's carrying?!

A special thanks to Sharon and all those Blue Bag supporters out there. Thanks to all the ladies who attended the Blue Bag Luncheon to cap off our month-long campaign. Thank you for taking to heart our partnership with Project Onward during autism awareness month. And thank you to all our new-found friends at Project Onward for reaching out and including us in such a worthwhile cause and event....what a great group of peeps you are!

Be sure to keep following Urban Junket on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram....we subscribe to them all! I'm super excited and proud to share that we are continuing our partnership with Project Onward and specifically Jackie by hiring her to work on special projects. That's what this was all about after all....proving how capable these talented individuals truly are and that their work is both needed and valued. In the months to come, be sure to look for our new "Urban Junket Girl" series on UJ social media - a nod to superheros and super women everywhere!


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