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Like many people, we're kind of obsessed with this whole wearable technology trend. However, we use the word "trend" loosely, because we think it's here to stay.

This Christmas, a few of us in the UJ office were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a couple very cool wearable technology devices, which we’ve been sporting non-stop since we unwrapped them. Our new arm buddy is the Garmin vivosmart. We love how this sleek wristband that tracks steps, distance, calories, time, sleep and offers text and email notifications, helping us stay on top of it all.

Our other favorite item is a genius bluetooth beanie from BE Headwear. We can listen to music, talk on the phone, change tracks and adjust volume all wirelessly. Being totally hands- and cord-free when jogging outside has actually made our workouts so much more enjoyable! We definitely plan to wear it downhill skiing next time out. It’s also a great companion for city-dwellers who ride the bus or walk to work.

Plus, our new wearable tech additions can easily be charged with the Power Clutch that includes the Joey Portable Charger, just like it powers our phone, tablet, and ear piece – the list goes on since it's compatible with any USB-powered device!

The more the wearable tech arena becomes mainstream and a part of people’s active lives, the more important it will be for everyone to have a {high quality} portable power source at arms length. The Power Clutch + Joey Charger is quickly becoming an essential part of your wearable tech arsenal.


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