Our inspiring new blog series kicks off! {We Believe...#7}

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This week, we're excited to kick off a brand new blog series titled "At Urban Junket, We Believe..."  In the early days of our company, we were compelled to create a list of values that our brand, and we personally, live by - some fun, some wise, and all short and simple (yet powerful). These 14 beliefs are what inspire us to better ourselves, show compassion for others, respect our earth, create meaningful products and, last but least, have fun!!! We bet you'll agree with many of them...they may even inspire you!

There used to be a sort of stigma that came along with holding a 'professional' position. One with a cookie cutter wardrobe of black pant suits and a black briefcase. Though there is nothing wrong with the classics, knowing that there are options to express yourself and let some personality shine through, can make professionalism a lot more fun. Showing some color with a laptop bag is a simple start, but this belief goes beyond what you wear. This is about being REAL and letting creativity overrule comformity. Afterall, doesn't blending in sound boring? We think this guy said it best...

"Be yourself - not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be.” - Henry David Thoreau

Now go out and show your unique "colors" at work today!

-Team Urban Junket

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