We Believe... #1: Form vs. Function

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When it comes to handbags, what's more important: how it looks or how it works? Depending on the woman, the answer is different.

What's great about fashion is its ability to let people express themselves. Whether with a bright color, unique shape or a special detail, we love encouraging others to make a statement. We like to believe we create portable, eclectic expressions of style with our bags.

However; way more often than not, trends in fashion dictate what a bag can and can't carry, how stuff fits, and the materials it's made of.

To us, that seems backwards. Why? Because every single journey has to work.

At Urban Junket, we do things a little different. From day one, we've been asking, "Who is this bag for? Where is she going? How does she use it, dig through it, carry it? What does is need to hold, to protect, to achieve?"

Our handbags, laptop bags and accessories are designed by a woman who draws from her own work/life/travel experiences (and those of friends and family). She tailors her designs around utility including features such as well-thought-out pockets for items you use every day, materials that are durable, easy to maintain (and eco-friendly to boot). She has also added versitile handles and/or straps so you can carry your bag comfortably, and she's even included a portable power source to charge tech gadgets when necessary -- these features are formed around how we live our lives, not just how we want to look. (Though we definitely want to look good!:-)

Curious about the pockets, details and features that make an Urban Junket bag different than the rest? Check out our YouTube channel or peruse various products to find a bag that fits your life!

Here's hoping your bag works as well as it looks!

Urban Junket Team

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