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I am often asked, “What is the best thing about owning a business of your own?” My mind quickly goes to the little girls I’ve met along the way who tell me that they want to be fashion designers when they grow up. There is truly no better feeling in the world than learning that my work has helped spark a fire in someone who might end up creating a company of their own some day.

Just this week, I was honored to have my office manager Kristy share the story of how her daughter Olivia was inspired by to create a bag of her own. Kristy is my sassy office manager and she creates a sense of fun at our office with her music and hilarious commentary about her life. Kristy’s daughter Olivia is six and she loves to dance, draw and help sweep the office floor whenever she comes to visit.

Kristy sometimes double as our model

Kristy sometimes doubles as our model

Kristy and her husband were on a work vacation last week, so Kristy’s mother (Barb) came to stay with Olivia and her brother Isaac. Grandma Barb is quite the seamstress, so when Olivia explained that she wanted to make a work bag for her mom just like the Urban Junket bags at mommy’s work, Grandma Barb took Olivia to a fabric store and they picked out the perfect fabric and webbing for the bag. When they got home, Olivia and Grandma cut out the fabric and Olivia created her first bag - she did all of the sewing herself.

When Kristy arrived home, Olivia presented her mom with this fabulous gift. She even branded it Urban Junket – just like the bags at mommy’s work. Olivia apparently loves that her mom is helping grow a start-up and thinks that making bags is very cool. Being cool with six-year-olds isn’t always easy – so I take that as a huge compliment.

Olivia even branded her bag Urban Junket

We love that Olivia branded her first bag Urban Junket

To Olivia and all the little girls out there who think that someday they will start a company of their own, or become a dancer or a scientist or whatever moves them, I say keep on learning and watching and paying attention. There are plenty of people doing great things out there and if you look for them, you will find them.  I also say thank you, for making me feel like my work is having a bigger impact than I sometimes realize.

Kristy and Olivia (age 6)

Kristy and Olivia (age 6)

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  • Sheila Schwartz: March 17, 2016

    Olivia looks so proud and she should be. Good parenting Steve-o and Kristy – thinking of others.

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