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I wanted to share a great experience I had during my Yoga Next class one morning. Yoga "Next" is more than just yoga...think of an ass-kicking, sweat-inducing, cardio form of yoga developed by my favorite yogi, neighbor and friend Rachel. As much as I love it, I had to drag myself into class on Tuesday morning, not in the best of moods. Like so many right now, my allergies have been killing me...I mean what the heck - since when do I suffer so from fall allergies?

Anyway, that all changed in ONE quick moment when I popped up into my first down dog of the day. My head hanging upside down, I quickly spotted a brand-new Jen Powered Crossbody Bag through my knees on a chair at the back of the room. It was like my legs were framing an Urban Junket photo of everyone's favorite Power Trips bag.

There was something about that ONE moment that turned it around for me and helped motivate me through my workout and entire day. Like I mentioned in my recent Serendipity blog and Tracy mentioned recently on our UJ Facebook page, there's nothing better than seeing someONE we don't know with an Urban Junket bag out there in the world. In a nutshell, it basically affirms what we're hoping to accomplish as we strive to create this new cross between fashion and wearable technology, and doing it as green as possible.

After class, I introduced myself and met Courtney, that's her photo to the right that I took after class with her new black Jen bag. A big thank you for agreeing to pose for the photo after the ridiculous sweat-fest we had just been through! We talked about Urban Junket and her new bag; she generously shared that Urban Junket is her new favorite bag line. She said she was loving her Jen Crossbody, especially with the rechargeable Joey battery inside. That is of course, when her husband wasn't trying to snatch it away for "work". A familiar story in my own house!

Sometimes it takes just ONE moment, ONE deep breath, ONE encounter or ONE affirmation to help make that ONE big difference in your day. Namaste! 

-Robin Reimer, National Sales Manager

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