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Bags with Chargers: Some bags include a removable Joey@ portable charger inside. Shop the collection of Bags with Chargers.

The Joey unit is designed to be light and slim and unnoticeable in your bag. It's designed to provide a "bridge," power to get you through your day or your trip.

It provides approximately 20 hours more talk time (a lot!) and 3,500 mA. To compare, an iPhone is 1,400 mA and about 8 hours talk time.


Let's start by saying, "THIS IS EASY!" No help from your computer-building uncle will be necessary. The Joey® portable charger auto-senses power demand, therefore there is no need for buttons or switches. Cord and plug-ins are a cinch.


View or download PDF of how to use Joey® portable charger.


The Joey® portable charger will recharge your smartphone up to 250% - or more than 2 full smartphone charges - or charge devices for up to 10 days of partial charges (a.k.a. "top-offs"). Some devices take more juice (e.g. tablets) and some take less (e.g. bluetooth® headsets)


The Joey® portable charger can be recharged and simultaneously power any USB-powered device. It can also be charged from any standard US electrical outlet or it can pull power from a computer.


Joey® portable chargers are TSA safe and do not need to be removed for security checkpoints.


The lightweight Joey® portable charger unit only weighs 5.5 ounces including the power cord.


The Joey® portable charger is compatible with Apple® and Android™, and any USB-powered device.


Just like our bags, the Joey® portable charger is designed to be water resistant, lightweight and durable with portability in mind.


Our laptop bags and handbags (excluding accessories) include a special Velcro(®) pocket made specifically to fit the The Joey® portable charger. This pocket ensures your Joey® is always safe and secure when you choose to move it between of your favorite Urban Junket bags.


Each of our laptop bags and handbags are designed with organization in mind; each compartment is well thought-out for all you junkets great and small.


We design our bags with a sophisticated and eclectic, yet professional, style that is of-the-moment and great in any season.


Made of materials including 100% cotton canvas, azo free dyes and RPET fabric linings made from recycled plastic bottles.


View the manufacturer specs the Joey® portable charger.


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