Urban Junket is a Minneapolis-based handbag design and distribution company founded in 2008 by Tracy Dyer, a former Best Buy marketing executive and road warrior who believes passionately that fashion and function shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the other.

Urban Junket's mission is to design eco-friendly products that combine unique styling with everyday functionality. Urban Junket's t.o.t.e {to observe the earth} collection features an array of colors inspired by nature and the materials used honor our passion for preservation. For almost a decade, we've sourced quality, eco-friendly materials from all over the world, including rPET fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles to create eclectic expressions of style. Smartly-designed and durable, Urban Junket bags—some with portable chargers inside—keep your stuff organized, protected and powered throughout your daily journeys.


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While working for electronics retail giant Best Buy on their launch of Geek Squad, Tracy Dyer lead focus groups with women about how they would feel having tech installers in their homes. Instead, women kept asking Dyer the same question again and again: Why don't big retailers have decent laptop bags? As a corporate traveler, Dyer often experienced her own frustrations and she agreed. The market was void of fashionable and funcational laptop bags for women.  As a member of the company’s innovation group, she took the request to suppliers, but no one seemed to listen. So Dyer decided to venture out on her own and design laptop bags - just for women. 

Her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer and his teachings played a big part in Dyer deciding to leave the corporate world and start Urban Junket.  While sitting in the audience watching her father speak to a few thousand people, he looked right at his daugher and said, “Tracy, don’t die with your music still inside you!”  She knew at that moment it was time to commit to her newly found passion.  Three months later Urban Junket was born.

Dyer spent time in Italy learning about leather manufacturing and designed her first line. But the bags started costing more than the computers they carried. More importantly, she was turned off by the toxicity of the leather-making process. She started researching eco-friendly and found that fabric can be made out of recycled water bottles. Durable, water-resistant and lightweight, it was a natural choice. Today, Urban Junket features an entire t.o.t.e. {to observe the earth} collection of accessories, handbags and laptop bags - some with portable chargers.



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Robin Laptop Bag, red, Urban Junket  Korri Carryall Laptop Bag, violet  Kristen Wheeled Laptop Bag, scarlet  Kristen Wheeled Laptop Bag

Gracie Handbag, indigo  Power Clutch, violet  3 Way Convertible Bag, indigo  Killer Jewelry Kit, clementine

Images (in order): Robin Laptop Bag in scarlet, Korri Carryall in violet, Kristen Wheeled Laptop Bag in scarlet, Kristen Wheeled Laptop Bag in black, Gracie Handbag in indigo, Power Clutch in violet/scarlet, 3-Way Convertible Bag in indigo, Killer Jewelry Kit in clementine.


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